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Get a Good Bra

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Let’s face it, ladies. The older we get, the more that we start to notice a few changes taking place with our bodies. Some things kind of seem to happen overnight. The body starts aching a little more, memory starts to get fuzzy…heck, you may even see a few greys trying to peek through. As we grow in wisdom (as I like to call ageing), we need to be aware of a little something that will always be a part of our everyday lives: finding a good bra.  Yes, girl. No matter where life takes us, we can be sure that our bras won’t be too far away. With that being said, there are a handful of tidbits that you need to keep in mind when it comes to making good choices that will affect your beloved twins. Keep reading below to get the scoop on the top three tips for finding a good bra for you.


Tip #1 Get an annual Mammogram

Before we start talking about getting a bra to accent the twins, let’s make sure if you’re over 40 you schedule your annual mammogram.  Every October, my besties and I plan a day that starts off getting our mammogram, then we head to the spa for Massages and Mimosa’s.  Yes, it’s our way of glamorizing a much needed and important event.  Let’s hold each other accountable and take a bestie (or two) for Mimosa’s, Mammograms and Massages!  You won’t be sorry J!


Tip #2 Finding a good bra means knowing how to try on a bra

A common mistake that women make when trying on a bra is that they do not put it on the loosest setting to determine fit. This used to be me sis, so don’t feel bad. The older your bra gets, the looser the bra will become on its own. Therefore, when you’re trying on a bra, it’s important to make sure that it’s snug on the loosest hook so you can tighten it as you wear it more and more.


Tip #3 Finding a good bra means replacing them at least once a year

Believe it or not, even the best of bras don’t last forever. Therefore, it’s best for you to invest in a new bra at least once a year. If you’re able, it would be even better to do it twice a year. Now I know how tempting it can be to hold on to old faithful, but the truth is that with frequent use, it loses its elasticity which means a lack of support. In other words… annoying back pain. Eliminate the pain and discomfort that you’re going to cause yourself, and just switch it up sis.

 There you have your top 3 tips for finding a good bra. Do you have something to share with your fellow women that weren’t listed? Drop it in the comments.    


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